Sparkling water on tap, a simple luxury at the Queens Kickshaw

soda fountain
The taps for soda water at the Queens Kickshaw.

Claire and I had dinner at the Queens Kickshaw for the first time last night. Preliminary report: great stuff. But what I want to draw your attention to is the fact that they have sparkling water on tap there — and it’s free.

Yes! We hadn’t yet tasted the food and already I loved this place.

Complimentary soda water. On tap. How often have you had that at a restaurant? It’s a small luxury that probably costs the Queens Kickshaw pennies.* Very classy — and smart. That cost is probably recouped a thousand times over from a customer loyalty standpoint. Continue reading “Sparkling water on tap, a simple luxury at the Queens Kickshaw”

At the Domino’s ‘Supply Chain Center’ outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan

In late August, Domino’s invited me and a bunch of other bloggers on a tour of its corporate headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and also of a “supply chain center” outside of Ann Arbor. The supply chain center supplies regional Domino’s with dough, cheeses, condiments, and other varies supplies. Prior to this, I had no … Continue reading At the Domino’s ‘Supply Chain Center’ outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan

Job opening for honey drone

I was briefly lured by this help-wanted ad from Andrew of Andrew’s Honey at the Union Square Greenmarket. But beside the fact that he wants someone who can speak at least two languages “not at a middle school level”*, there’s this:

It should be understood from the onset that within that stand, whatever I say or do is always right and that anyone working for me at that stand within that 12 x 12 foot space must accept that. This includes when I contradict myself from moment to moment. It is never a negotiation.

That said, I am (usually) very nice and tolerant. So long as you do not argue or whine.

* I could probably handle the shut-up and put-up aspect of this gig, but I’ve only ever gotten as far as college-level languages and never became fully fluent in Spanish or German. Anyway, you can read the full text of the ad after the jump.

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How to Use the Internet to Show People You’re the Coolest at Eating Food: Anytime You Go to a Cool Restaurant, Make a Big Show of Documenting It Across Your Entire Social Network — You’ve got to Tweet, status update, Foursquare check-in, Tumblr pic, Flickr share, Yelp review and update your LinkedIn by the end … Continue reading

Want: Hill Country Chickwich

Photograph: Robyn Lee/Serious Eats I love chicken sandwiches. And I love Chick-fil-a chicken sandwiches. This sounds heavenly. I think I know where I’m going for lunch today. From Serious Eats New York: But as solid as the Hill Country classically prepared thighs and drumsticks are, they are surprisingly surpassed by two other items on the … Continue reading Want: Hill Country Chickwich

Danny Meyer’s Sandwiched at the Whitney Museum Biennial

On Saturday I went to the 2010 Whitney Biennial with my friend Justin and his ol’ lady. I’ll tell you, I was actually more excited about the food options at the museum than the exhibit. I mean, 2008’s biennial sucked a big ol’ donkey’s ass and I vowed not to ever go to another.

Well, that was until Danny Meyer stuck a pop-up sandwich venue in the museum’s basement level. Apparently the cafe space, which formerly housed a Sarabeth’s location, is undergoing renovation. I don’t know what’s coming next there, but I was happy to give Sandwiched a go. I’m a big fan of Danny Meyer’s restaurants, and I love sandwiches. High expectations.

The concept: Mr. Meyer had the chefs from his burgeoning empire each create a sandwich for the cafe. You can read more about that on the Serious Eats New York post that Ed Levine did, where Ed recommends the “Heritage Ham and Sharp Cheddar” and the “Applewood-Smoked Turkey and Gouda” sandwiches (Michael Anthony of Gramercy Tavern and Kenny Callaghan of Blue Smoke, respectively).

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