Shireen palow, attempt No. 1

6 thoughts on “Shireen palow, attempt No. 1”

  1. Adam, I just tried this stuff last week and it BLEW my mind. I think Afghani food is up there on my top 3 cuisines now.

  2. Restaurant in Montreal…unfortunately the only things I really “cook” at college are things like mac and cheese and ramen.

    But what an awesome sweet/savory combo.

    And they really, really know their lamb.

  3. I didn’t start cooking for myself for real until I moved out of the dorms. For anything more than microwaving, we had a kitchen in the basement you could book — but people mostly used it as a thinly veiled disguise for having parties. Even post-dorm, I don’t know if I’d call my first couple years of cooking in off-campus housing all that great — until I realized that some girls liked being cooked for … 😉

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