Sparkling water on tap, a simple luxury at the Queens Kickshaw

6 thoughts on “Sparkling water on tap, a simple luxury at the Queens Kickshaw”

  1. I got similarly tripped up at Chez Panisse when I visited a few years ago. Wish more places would do this, as I prefer sparkling but I’m not inclined to pay for it!

  2. Wow. That was fast commenting, Dan.* I just posted this.

    Too bad you don’t live here anymore. This place I think you’d like.

    * You still comment on blogs?!? LOL. J/K. It’s nice to see someone comment on Kublog and give it some life.

  3. Adam,
    I found myself here as a result of a pic of a pizza machine. after reading just a few of your comments I can see that I am still living in the dark ages regarding the net. I have no twitter, flickr, or other media accounts besides facebook. I see this as a wake-up call of sorts. I imagine many millions of people in my age group are never going to catch-up or on to this cyber world you understand so well. I think we need an app to bring us out of the dark and into the light. Anyway I will have a home oven insert you may be interested in…I have a mold and have the first one done in clay and need to fire it maybe tomorrow. Anyway I have never believed in bottled water other than in 5-gallon increments, so I like the fact that these folks are giving it away and agree that it is a trendy smart move.

  4. BTW, anymore all water served to the public should be going through some sort of filtration system and I think that includes ice-makers as well. I think there is a huge opportunity to sell, install, and service these type of units. Malta has been making their own for years…

  5. I’m confused. You’re calling it ‘sparkling water’ but it’s just soda water coming out of a bastian-blessing soda dispenser…
    Any establishment that serves sodas from a gun also have ‘sparkling water’ or soda water as we typically call it.
    Some companies such as Natura offer water filtration systems with a ‘sparkling’ setting.

    1. Jo: You’re probably right. I didn’t think it through or do my research properly.

      I still think it’s a small luxury. Or at least a nice touch. Most places would charge you for soda water. Or don’t have on-tap soda water, which means you’d have to order a bottle of fizzy water if that’s your preference.

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