The Space Between: New Camera

2 thoughts on “The Space Between: New Camera”

  1. I have b’day money to splurge with–I’ll have to look into the S90.

    (do any of them have a regular viewfinder? I’m worried about taking pics in the sun, and not being able to see anything on the screen)

    1. I really LOVE the S90. It’s got a great image sensor and a lot of manual features that let you take control of the picture taking. My first Canon was the PowerShot S70—the S90’s ancestor—and since then I’ve been a dedicated Canon user for digital cameras. My previous Canon had an optical viewfinder, but trust me, I never once used it. Not even in full sun. The S90 does not have one; I don’t miss it. If that’s a dealbreaker for you, look to see if the Canon G11 has an optical viewfinder. It also has excellent image-handling and manual controls, it’s just a bit bigger so isn’t great for shirt-pocket carry-along.

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