Wanted: good, mostly vegetarian, freezable make-ahead meal menus

4 thoughts on “Wanted: good, mostly vegetarian, freezable make-ahead meal menus”

  1. Ottolenghi , Jerusalem & Plenty. Tracie and I have cooked a number of these recipes and I love the simplicity, vegetable focus, and compound and depth of flavors of them all. Also, easy to vary and create your own iterations. Keep fantastically well. Many can be prepared halfway/frozen and finished at a later date. All are fun and spice rich.

    1. Thanks for the second on Ottolenghi, Wayne. Yes, we’d love to either prep halfway and freeze and then finish cooking or do all the cooking on the day of. That would be ideal.

  2. Almost 2 years into parenthood, and still struggle with getting dinner together. I subscribed to The Fresh 20 based on a friend’s recommendation. We are subscribed to the “classic” menu, and there’s also a vegan/vegetarian option. I don’t follow it every week, but it’s definitely a good option to have and good source of inspiration.

  3. Thanks, Alaina. I gave it a quick look. It *looks* like something along the lines of what Claire and I would like. I’ll have to subscribe and see what the recipes are like. I do like the idea of “20 ingredients, 5 recipes.” That’s EXACTLY what I’m searching for. The other things were like, “5 Dinners A MILLION INGREDIENTS.” Or I’ve also seen, “1 Ingredient, 5 Ways,” but then the ways were just like a dessert, a side, a snack, but not DINNER.

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