Naturally leavened pizza dough

3 thoughts on “Naturally leavened pizza dough”

  1. Sounds like you didn’t proof it very long/long enough. Levain is definitely much slower than comm yeast, so that’s probably the reason for the low spring, lack of flavor, and stickiness.

    I’m about to start testing this again myself, thinking I might do 3-day ferment, with maybe 1% levain as a starting point.

  2. Thanks, Andrew. I think that might be the case. The refrigeration — I’m guessing that retarded the proofing and that it might have been fine if I had left it out on the counter to rise for 2 to 4 hours, since that would have been the life cycle of the recipe as written for the bread loaves (which come out with great hole structure and great flavor). Will try a 3-day cold ferment as well as a room-temperature rise as further tests.

    As it was, the hole structure was maybe akin to a typical MOR NYC slice. Not horrible, and actually something most people eat from a corner slice joint every day.

  3. What % of starter are you using? I’ve only done a couple experiments with completely naturally leavened dough, and maybe it’s just my yeast culture, but I need a pretty good amount to get much of a rise. I think the last time I tried it was near 20%.

    Also: stickiness—clearly related to your hydration level, but does the sourdough’s acidity also contribute? It seems like when I’ve messed with my % of sourdough starter, the more I use, the tackier the dough is. I thought it might’ve just been all in my head, but maybe not?

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