An ode to Movable Type

2 thoughts on “An ode to Movable Type”

  1. I tried using MT a few times when I was with MLive and never did like it. But looking at your timeline here it looks like it was the same time you weren’t liking it either. Now I don’t feel so bad. 🙂

    1. Slice and AHT have always been on MT and are on it to this day (along with SE), so I’ve never really stopped using it. I didn’t really have a personal blog until, oh, 2007 or so. Until then, Slice was sort of my outlet and was probably much more personal in certain ways than it is now. But when I decided I wanted a place to blather about non-food stuff, I tried MT4. It was clear that by this point, Six Apart was gearing it toward “enterprise” users — the big media companies that could afford to hire developers to wade through how all the parts fit together. I had resisted WordPress out of loyalty to my friends who did MT development and who worked at 6A, but eventually I went with WP. I just wanted to blog and say things and not have to monkey with templates — not to the extent I had to do with MT4. I find WP satisfies my need to tinker with blog widgets and my desire for control over how the thing looks, but it’s not such a huge time suck that I find it’s 4 in the morning before I’ve gotten it to do what I want it to do.

      I still haven’t gotten used to a lot of what WP does or how it works — not in the way I did with earlier builds of MT. I have no idea how to code PHP. But I find that I can usually discover where something is and find answers online to help me tweak things just enough.

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