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  1. 🙁 Even though I know Slice predates SE, etc, this post of yours made me realize that I definitely think of them as the same beast now. Same basic editorial tone, same layout, almost all the content is x-posted one way or the other. Maybe you can do something to help differentiate it more from the mothership?

  2. One of the other problems is that the content is constantly re-pushed between the sites. That particular article showed up in my feed reader 3 times – once for SE, once for SE:NY, and once for Slice.

    So it doesn’t really feel like the content “belongs” to Slice, more that it’s Serious Eats content and it gets spread around to the appropriate blogs within the network. (Same things happens with the AHT postings.)

    Just my impression, though.

    1. @Dan: Yeah, I know about the redundancy on the RSS feeds. I wish there were a way to take care of that, and there probably is—with a set of complicated MT If-Then template tags. (“If Category = Slice AND SE-homepage, then only output to X RSS feed.”) But then you’d have Slice-only subscribers missing out on things. It’s problematic, I know.

      Maybe we’re too close to the process and can’t view it from a reader end anymore. It’s supposed to sort of work like Gawker when it has Defamer and Valleywag content pushed to the site (before those blogs were eventually subsumed into Gawker itself). I also view it sort of like Flickr—where you have your photo in your photostream but can also add it to different groups or sets. Here, it’s like a Slice post that gets promoted to the main SE page or SENY, depending on relevance.

      It probably gets even worse if you follow the Slice Twitter feed or are a fan of Slice on Facebook. Then you have the possibility of seeing the same thing 5 times. :-/ Imperfect, I know, but I don’t know what the fix would be …

      @Donatello: I think it’s not so much trying to differentiate it. I think it’s good that they’re moving more toward a unified voice and tone. Actually, I’d like to think that one of the reasons the sites sound alike is that Ed Levine originally hired me largely because he liked the tone and feel of Slice and A Hamburger Today and wanted me to help direct SE toward that voice. So if they sound the same, I think I’ve accomplished that. I would say there are some subtle differences. I probably get a little more ornery and let my hair down more on Slice, since I do feel like it’s still my baby — which, again, is probably why I’m venting here about this issue—which really isn’t a huge issue in the scheme of things. Really, I’m happy that more people are now reading Slice and (more important) reading about great pizza thanks to its association with SE.

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