New Twitter account

2 thoughts on “New Twitter account”

  1. Oh, Adam, this really got through to me. In just 7 months of being “A Way to Garden,” not nearly the many years you’d been ‘Slice,’ I already feel so rattled by who’s-who and what’s-what stuff.
    My Facebook is now full of friends who are six-degrees or farther, and so is my Twitter account. So I’ll admit it: I snagged my “real” name recently, too, on Twitter just in case I go schizoid (or the baby grows up, as you say). Thanks for sharing.

  2. Funny you should mention Facebook and Twitter and the six-degrees thing. At first, I kept my Facebook limited to people I knew IRL—or who I knew only online but had a good e-relationship with. But then I started a Slice group on Facebook, and felt like I had to reciprocate on the friend adds from Slice fans. (The notion of “Slice fans” still weirds me out.)

    With my new “akuban” Twitter account, I’m reciprocally following people and I figure once I hit a certain number and get a feel for who I’m following, I can then weed out later. Folks who tweet about airport delays: GONE! Folks who complain about work nonstop: OUTTAHERE!

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