I can relate all too well with this tweet by Jason Kottke. Being first is always nice, but it is equally nice to get some sleep, to actually go out and do things IRL, and to not worry about ephemeral crap that no one will care about 24 hours from now—or indeed two hours from … Continue reading F1rst!

adamkuban.com/stylebites now public


For the past couple of weeks in Serious Eats Talk, I’ve been meddling with Talk topic titles, trying to help make them more precise and reflective of what’s being asked in the thread.

In some cases, I truly think my meddling is helpful. For instance, “Need a butcher in Phoenix” is a better title than “Need a butcher.”

Well, the Serious Eats community is sharp, and they’ve noticed. I’ve been called out a couple times now on it, the latest in this thread that SE member PerkyMac started early Tuesday morning.

I’ve been following the conversation and commenting there over the last two days and have realized that maybe a large part of my headline meddling had to do with some of the recent off-topicality in Talk. We’ve gotten more than a few emails in the last couple months about threads going off-topic and becoming too filled with chit chat. And now I’m wondering if my playing with Talk titles was a way to try to correct that and steer things in a more serious direction.

Anyway, I have more to say about it in this comment on that thread. What I’m blabbing about here is my Style Bites site, which I’ve now taken out from behind its privacy wall.

SE member dbcurrie, who works at a newspaper, brought up AP style in the abovementioned thread, and it reminded me that I had been keeping Style Bites to myself. I really love talking about copy-editing and blogging and writing for the web (which is also why that Talk topic has been so fun to participate in). And now that I’m sharing the Style Bites blog, I hope to do more of it on Kublog/Style Bites. Continue reading “adamkuban.com/stylebites now public”

It’s an idea

nameredacted: ok, i’m sure you’re much too busy to want to talk about this, so i’ll just type it and you can tell me what you think later nameredacted: it’s a reality website concept called BLOG IDOL nameredacted: people audition with blog entries nameredacted: and then the finalists have to write a post on whatever … Continue reading It’s an idea