Noah Kalina saved my laptop

3 thoughts on “Noah Kalina saved my laptop”

  1. good thing you didn’t whip out an iPhone. you’d still be without your laptop. sorry i missed the Eats crew in SF this weekend. i was sick. you were busy with the show. still, i always get bummed when i hear people passed through town and I didn’t even manage a sighting…

  2. Luckily I don’t have an iPhone. Just my 2006-era Nokia flip phone.

    Yeah! Sorry we missed you there, too. Past a certain point, though, we were pretty bogged down with all the bad stuff that went down—as I’m sure you’ve seen on all the blogs.

    Next time, hopefully I/we’ll be in town under better circumstances!

  3. of course i am reading this. who doesn’t have a google alert on their name?

    and you are welcome!

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