Weekly Pizza Lunch: Thin-crust mushroom pie at Ditmars Station

Ditmars StationThin-Crust Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza

Tomato sauce and regular mozzarella, topped with mushrooms and pepperoni. Large, $18.

This was sort of a bonus WPL pi. I’d already eaten my WPL but ended up trying Ditmars Station with my friend Justin on Saturday while I was doing laundry.

The crust really is ultra thin. Most people think that New York–style pizza is “thin crust.” And, yes, it is thin, but I find that when a place goes out of the way to call itself “thin crust,” it’s usually a good bet you’ll be getting a cracker-style crust or some variant of “bar pizza,” which I usually love.

Ditmars Station’s crust is a cracker crust. Very thin, very crisp, especially at the rim.