Wanted: good, mostly vegetarian, freezable make-ahead meal menus

I would pay good money for this: a website or cookbook with good, mostly vegetarian make-ahead meal menus (eg., dinners for an entire week that you could prep on your day[s] off, freeze, and then reheat day-of). Bonus if many of them were “throw and go” (that is, freezable uncooked but then thawed and finished on the day of eating). The few websites I’ve been exploring so far have the structure I like, but the majority of recipes seem too meat-heavy and aren’t very progressive.

I posted the above grousing on Facebook, and the thread that sprang up around it had some great suggestions. I’m posting them here for posterity. (Facebook search leaves a lot to be desired.) Normally I’d give props/credit via links, but I’m omitting names for privacy’s sake. Continue reading “Wanted: good, mostly vegetarian, freezable make-ahead meal menus”

How difficult and/or crazy would it be to re-create McDonald’s beef tallow–cooked fries?

First things first: you HAVE to read Jeb Boniakowski’s post on The Awl about building a giant Epcot-like “McWorld” in Times Square, which would serve all the special international McDonald’s dishes. It made the rounds the other day. And deservedly so. It’s brilliant. Besides offering the Chicken Maharaja Mac or the Croque McDo, he also … Continue reading How difficult and/or crazy would it be to re-create McDonald’s beef tallow–cooked fries?

Wedding remembrance: the music

Today a coworker was playing the Shangri-Las’ “Walking in the Sand” video. Which reminded me that, before our wedding, my wife went on a YouTube listening spree, looking for just the right processional, recessional, first dance, and parent dance songs. She found a great blog from a wedding DJ that posts monthly playlists. (I’m not linking it here because I don’t remember what it was.) In one of his playlists, I think she found the lesser-known Shangri-La number “Past, Present, and Future.” It’s pretty great:

Anyway, the coworker and I got to chatting about this, and she asked what music Claire and I used at our wedding. It took me a while to remember, and at one point I had to go into my “Day-Of Schedule” Google doc to look it up. So I’m posting here so I don’t forget. Continue reading “Wedding remembrance: the music”

Yes, this really happened: Andy Warhol was on ‘The Love Boat’

andy warhol on the love boat
I could probably post this as a ‘TIL’ (today I learned) on Reddit and earn ‘karma,’ but I didn’t learn this just today (I remember seeing this episode as a kid), and I’m trying to blog more on Kublog, so here.

Among my generation of aging and recovering hipsters, the accumulation and regurgitation of pop culture trivia used to be something of a sport. Points going, of course, to most apropos and obscure reference—bonus word score if you could sling the reference as part of a catty put-down. Continue reading “Yes, this really happened: Andy Warhol was on ‘The Love Boat’”