Retro snow cone trailer


Photograph: Nate Hofer

Like all aging folks, as I get older I slowly and belatedly accede to the wisdom of my parents. My dad has long talked about setting up snow cone stands outside the Walmarts near where he and my mom live. (Apparently there are a few Walmarts there that allow these stands in the parking lots in summer.)

Given the food truck trend raging through the U.S., he was probably ahead of his time, and maybe I should have jumped on board with the idea when he talked about it. Although I would say that if he ever does try doing this, he should use little trailers like the one pictured above. People eat up that retro-nostalgia stuff.

Update: This is the Fresher Than Fresh Snow Cones trailer.

2 thoughts on “Retro snow cone trailer

    • It’s a killer smart idea. Looks like that’s at maybe a kid’s party? Or a backyard party? The trailer is cute. People love the nostalgia, and if the cones are good to boot, I bet she does great business.

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