Noooooo! Voiceover master Don LaFontaine dies

In a world where Don LaFontaine no longer lives, our moviegoing experience is a little poorer. The voiceover master died this morning due to complications from a collapsed lung. Says the Hollywood Reporter:

Before his death, he had provided voiceovers for an estimated 5,000 movie trailers, including “Batman Returns,” “The Terminator,” “Cast Away,” “The Elephant Man” and “Dr. Strangelove.” Many of those began with his catchphrase, “In a world where …”

Here’s a bit where LaFontaine talks about his work:


There’s also this video, where LaFontaine and other voiceover artists share a limo ride to the 26th Annual Hollywood Reporter Key Art Awards:


R.I.P., Mr. LaFontaine. Your golden voice and sense of humor will be missed.