Job opening for honey drone

I was briefly lured by this help-wanted ad from Andrew of Andrew’s Honey at the Union Square Greenmarket. But beside the fact that he wants someone who can speak at least two languages “not at a middle school level”*, there’s this:

It should be understood from the onset that within that stand, whatever I say or do is always right and that anyone working for me at that stand within that 12 x 12 foot space must accept that. This includes when I contradict myself from moment to moment. It is never a negotiation.

That said, I am (usually) very nice and tolerant. So long as you do not argue or whine.

* I could probably handle the shut-up and put-up aspect of this gig, but I’ve only ever gotten as far as college-level languages and never became fully fluent in Spanish or German. Anyway, you can read the full text of the ad after the jump.

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