Where I was on 9/11

Jake Dobkin asked on Twitter: Where were you? Because I wanted to elaborate on my 140-word answer, I’ll give a little more.

I was on the R train from Bay Ridge, heading in to work at Martha Stewart Living. I was already late—I realized last-minute that I had to iron my pants before leaving.

Everything seemed normal until we pulled into 36th Street, an express-train transfer point, and there was the most unbelieveable crush of people on the platform. I had never seen a platform that full and haven’t to this day.

As many people as could fit transferred into the R train. I normally would have switched to the D train, but figured it wiser to stay in my seat.

“What’s going on?” some people asked the newcomers.

“There’s a fire at the Trade Center. They’re diverting trains.”

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Noooooo! Voiceover master Don LaFontaine dies

In a world where Don LaFontaine no longer lives, our moviegoing experience is a little poorer. The voiceover master died this morning due to complications from a collapsed lung. Says the Hollywood Reporter: Before his death, he had provided voiceovers for an estimated 5,000 movie trailers, including “Batman Returns,” “The Terminator,” “Cast Away,” “The Elephant … Continue reading Noooooo! Voiceover master Don LaFontaine dies

Good riddance to copy editors

A clever tribute to a fading profession appears in the Washington Post. Snip: Copy editors were fine-tuners, fixing basic but important things that a first line of editing might’nt catch: Typos, errors in facts, spelling, syntax, punctuation, clarity, word usage, style, parallelism, and not letting sentences run on. They would also bear principle responsibility for … Continue reading Good riddance to copy editors

Dog days

I just heard the craziest New York story yet. So my girlfriend’s coworker’s brother’s girlfriend (bear with me) was dog-sitting an aging black lab in Brooklyn. The dog dies while the owners are away. The girl calls the owners, informs them. It’s OK, they say. It’s not unexpected. We’ve looked into what to do. There’s … Continue reading Dog days

I love the rain

I really should have taken this photo when it was really coming down, but the rain just went nuts here around 9:24 a.m. It was a gray-out. Visibility to the buildings across the street, much less the Hudson in the distance, was nil. I love the rain, but I was happy to watch it from … Continue reading I love the rain

‘Escape Pod’

After reading about it on Boing Boing a couple weeks ago, I started subscribing to the Escape Pod podcast. Short science-fiction stories from a variety of great SF authors. This podcast magazine is published by Stephen Eley, who’s doing a bang-up job of it. Nearly all the stories I’ve listened to so far have been … Continue reading ‘Escape Pod’