Yes, this really happened: Andy Warhol was on ‘The Love Boat’

andy warhol on the love boat
I could probably post this as a ‘TIL’ (today I learned) on Reddit and earn ‘karma,’ but I didn’t learn this just today (I remember seeing this episode as a kid), and I’m trying to blog more on Kublog, so here.

Among my generation of aging and recovering hipsters, the accumulation and regurgitation of pop culture trivia used to be something of a sport. Points going, of course, to most apropos and obscure reference—bonus word score if you could sling the reference as part of a catty put-down. Continue reading “Yes, this really happened: Andy Warhol was on ‘The Love Boat’”

Many ’80s skateboarders are now born-again Christians

While browsing Wikipedia yesterday after getting hit by a Bones Brigade flashback, I began to see a pattern in which many ’80s skateboard luminaries had converted or gone back to Christianity. I suppose Christian Hosoi was either fated to accept Jesus as his lord and savior or just become a batshit-crazy Satan worshipper. Steve Caballero … Continue reading Many ’80s skateboarders are now born-again Christians

Video time machine: “Merry Xmas Everybody,” Slade throughout the years

Slade, Throughout the Years

Curious as to what the 1970s UK rock powerhouse Slade actually looked like, I turned to YouTube. Was there a live performance of the iconic holiday song “Merry Xmas Everybody” there? There are at least four. And what’s beautiful is that each version is from a distinctly different era.

20091218-baker-mcgoohanThere’s the glam era Slade, the disco Slade, the ’80s Slade (in which lead guitarist/singer Noddy Holder looks like Tom Baker wearing Patrick McGoohan’s blazer from The Prisoner), and, last, the GnR-meets–Bon Jovi–meets–Robert Palmer Slade of 1991.

And, although they changed styles with each era, they lip-sync to the original recorded version of the song in each performance. Not a live version in the bunch. Anyway, check out the four videos after the jump. Continue reading “Video time machine: “Merry Xmas Everybody,” Slade throughout the years”

’80s music videos with 3-wheeler ATVs


In the 1980s, specifically around ’83, there was a bit of a mania for ATVs, specifically three-wheelers. The three-wheeler, however, was shown to be dangerous and was quickly replaced by its more surefooted cousin, the four-wheeler. But before the big, loud, motorized tricycle was yanked from the scene it would be immortalized in at least two iconic videos of the decade: Continue reading “’80s music videos with 3-wheeler ATVs”