Weekly Pizza Lunch: Rose & Joe’s Italian Bakery

pizza slice

Not a bad snack. Two would make a good lunch.

I’ve probably eaten slices from Rose & Joe’s more than from anywhere else, and I can say from considerable experience that an edge (but not a corner), on a plate, no reheat is the way to go. It loses something in the reheat, and in fact is best somewhere between warm and not-straight-out-of-the-oven hot. I like to add red pepper flakes, pepper, and oregano — but they’ve hidden that last one lately. Pro tip: If you want a shake of Parmesan on it, ask. They keep it in the fridge.

Rose & Joe’s Italian Bakery: 22-40 31st Street, Astoria NY 11105

About the author: Adam Kuban is a one-time foodblogger turned aspiring pizzeria owner — see margotspizza.com. Founder of Slice and A Hamburger Today and founding editor of Serious Eats. He enjoys photography, urban hiking, and naps.