Weekly Pizza Lunch: American Flatbread TriBeCa Hearth

american flatbread nyc pizza

The Medicine Wheel consists of “house-made organic tomato sauce, whole-milk mozzarella, Blythedale Farm Cooksville Grana, Grana Padano,
and fresh herbs.”

American Flatbread TriBeCa Hearth is a Vermont mini-chain making its first inroads into NYC. Slice has detailed this particular location here and its loosely affiliated clones here, here, and here.


Lunch today was a small “Medicine Wheel” pie, which is just a hippied-out name for “plain pie” or “cheese pizza”—ie, sauce and cheese. It tasted like what I imagine a chain pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven and made with good ingredients would. That’s because there was ample, gooey cheese on this thing but mostly because the crust was a little doughy, softer than what a typical New York–style pizza would be, even though visually it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of a New York–style pizza—or maybe a New Haven pie. The minor squishiness was not a deal-killer, though—my pizza had good flavor, thanks in part to just a good bit of light charring and from the generous shake of marjoram sprinkled on—a slight though welcome flippathascript.

Heck, I’d go back. In fact, I will, because I want to try the sausage pizza. The sausage is maple-flavored, something people either love or hate. I avoided it today because the Medicine Wheel photo on Slice looked so good.

American Flatbread TriBeCa Hearth

205 Hudson Street, New York NY 10013
212-776-1441 / americanflatbread.com/restaurants/tribeca-nyc / @AFNYCTribeca