NYC’s best lunchtime pizza special: Motorino’s prix fixe pizza-and-salad meal

two pizzas from Motorino, NYC

Two of Motorino’s signature pies, from top: the brussels sprout and pancetta pizza and the hot soppressata and garlic.

Did you know you can get some of the best pizza in NYC (and therefore THE WORLD) for a mere twelve bucks? Oh, and it comes with a salad, too.

Yeah, Motorino‘s lunchtime prix fixe pizza-and-salad lunch sure ain’t news (they’ve offered it since opening in the East Village in 2009), but I was reminded what a great deal it was earlier today, when I had lunch there with food and restaurant photographer Daniel Krieger.

I can almost never resist ordering the Brussels sprout and pancetta pie there. This is in one sense a shame, as there are two or three other killer pies on the menu. No worries today, though. Two pies at the table meant we could share a BSP and a hot soppressata pizza. (The other two pies I love at Motorino are the clam pizza [not part of the lunch special] and the meatball. Hell, you almost can’t go wrong with any of the pizzas there, but the Brussels sprout, the soppressata, and the clam pies are sort of the signature pies.)

For the record, here is the lunch special from the East Village Motorino menu:

$12 for pizza and mixed-green salad, choice of:

  • Margherita (tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil)
  • Soppressata Picante (tomato sauce, hot soppressatta, red pepper flakes, garlic, oregano, pecorino Romano, olive oil)
  • Brussels Sprout (white pie topped with mozzarella, garlic, Brussels sprout leaves, smoked pancetta, olive oil)
  • Marinara (tomato sauce, oregano, garlic, olive oil)

I haven’t gone outside Midtown for lunch in a long time—especially not for pizza—and think I’ll try to make this a weekly thing. I already think I know where I’ll be going next week.

Motorino East Village

349 East 12th Street, New York NY 10003 (near First Avenue)
212-777-2644 /