Bicycling: How to attach fenders to a bicycle without brazed-on eyelets

P clamps as an alternative to brazed-on eyelets

If you don’t have brazed-on eyelets to attach fenders to your bike, P clamps will save the day.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I recently slapped some fenders on my 1992 Trek 970 Singletrack. I don’t think a bike looks finished without fenders. But my bike started its life as a mountain bike, a style of bicycle on which fenders can be a hindrance. So I shouldn’t have been surprised that my front fork lacked eyelets for attaching a front rack or fenders.

Googling around, though, I found the answer to my problem in this post on Bike Commuters: “‘P-Clamps’ Are Your Friends.”

rubber-lined p-clamp

Look for these in a variety of diameters near the cable-management or electrical areas of a home-supply store.

As they mention there, you should be able to find these at any big box home-supply store. I found mine at Home Depot in the cable aisle for about $1.79 each. Apparently people must use them for holding down coax or ethernet or electrical cables. I’ve also seen them described as “rubber-lined hose clamps.” They come in a variety of diameters. At 1 inch thick, my bike’s front fork is fat compared to your average road bike or touring bike. Just be sure to measure your fork before you buy, obvs.

For mounting a rack with P-clamps, check out this thread on The Chainlink: “Mounting a rack without eyelets: are P-clamps enough.”

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