Last-minute pizza session

Impromptu pizza night tonight. Just two pies. This is one of them. (Didn’t bother shooting the other; it sucked.) Made with the fennel sausage recipe I posted today on Slice.

It’s like this … I found some Italian type “00” pizza flour last week at Rosario’s Deli in Astoria. Made dough with it Sunday night and fridged it off for a cold-ferment/retarded rise. It was pretty much use it or lose it tonight. I really wanted to see how the “00” stuff would work. First pizza sucked. Again, it was “creepy bagel.” This one was better. Think because I stretched it thinner. Might start making the dough balls a little small. These were all between 230 and 240g. Might go for 200g and see where that takes us.