Many ’80s skateboarders are now born-again Christians

While browsing Wikipedia yesterday after getting hit by a Bones Brigade flashback, I began to see a pattern in which many ’80s skateboard luminaries had converted or gone back to Christianity. I suppose Christian Hosoi was either fated to accept Jesus as his lord and savior or just become a batshit-crazy Satan worshipper. Steve Caballero … Continue reading Many ’80s skateboarders are now born-again Christians

The Space Between: Arch

The Space Between: Arch, originally uploaded by Adam Kuban. Took this Monday night while walking home along 33rd Street in Astoria from El Mariachi Mexican restaurant. I enjoy walking around Astoria. It’s probably due to the novelty of it all — I was thoroughly familiar with Park Slope after having lived there for eight years. … Continue reading The Space Between: Arch