Cocktail recipe: The Dublin 8

20090803-stevens-sidenerJeremy Sidener (on right in photo), a longtime friend who works as a bartender in Lawrence, Kansas, created this drink back in ’96 or ’97.

Jeremy concocted it in honor of a friend of ours who had recently returned from a year abroad in the Irish capital. The drink takes its name from the Dublin postal district Dublin 8, which our friend said was a particularly rough part of the city. (Note: This may or may not be the case anymore; this forum thread seems to indicate that Dublin 8 is by all accounts an OK area.)

The Dublin 8

To a heavy pour of Irish whiskey, add the juice of half a small lime, a teaspoon of sugar, a few ounces of orange juice, and a tiny dash of bitters—all followed by a splash of soda. Garnish with a thin lime wheel.

Photo credit: Dave Tamasi