Cocktail recipe: The Double Date

Another day, another cocktail.* Yesterday I blabbed about the Dublin 8. Today I’d like you to make a love connection with a sweet little number known as the Double Date. My friend Marc Balgavy came up with this one and hipped me to it at a backyard garden party I hosted a few summers ago. (Summer is indeed the season for it.)

The recipe? Oh, yes. Simple: orange soda to bourbon at a 2:1 ratio. You can use whatever orange soda you want, from Orange Crush (somewhat appropriate, given the name of the drink) to a fancy-pants orange-flavor “adult soda,” if you’re avoiding HFCS.

This is not the time to use a short little rocks glass. Get out your tall glasses, give it a long pour, and make this drink live up to its name.

* I’m not sure a drink with only two ingredients qualifies as a “cocktail,” especially in the era of “mixologists,” but fuggit, that’s what I’m calling it.