Chia Obama Now Shipping

Looks like the Chia Obama Chia Pets are shipping. I received an email this morning from that mine had gone out. Not more than an hour later, UPS showed up with my Determined Pose Chia Obama. It’s blurry, but the gold band in the second photo here says “Full growth in 1 to 2 … Continue reading Chia Obama Now Shipping

On Seeing ‘MacBeth’ with Patrick Stewart

The production was pretty cool. With video projections and what not. The militaristic set—I think the Times described it as “equal parts abbatoir, hospital, and dungeon”—reminded me a lot of the Stargate planet Kelowna and the Stargate Atlantis civilization of the Genai—both militaristic people using technology and design reminiscent of the ’40s. Everything happened on … Continue reading On Seeing ‘MacBeth’ with Patrick Stewart

Bands from Milwaukee

While in Milwaukee this weekend, C. and I somehow got on the subject of Milwaukee bands—and how we couldn’t think of any. I just hit up the Wikipedia Musical Groups from Wisconsin list. Here are the ones from Milwaukee that I’d heard of prior to scanning that list: The BoDeans: Officially from Waukesha, but played … Continue reading Bands from Milwaukee