I can relate all too well with this tweet by Jason Kottke. Being first is always nice, but it is equally nice to get some sleep, to actually go out and do things IRL, and to not worry about ephemeral crap that no one will care about 24 hours from now—or indeed two hours from … Continue reading F1rst!

The original New York Media Bowling League


I just saw blog impresario Lockhart Steele tweet about the New York All Media Bowling League. Seems like it’s back on after a long hiatus.

But I would like to point your attention to the original New York Media Bowling League, aka NYMBL (pronounced nimble).

I’ve stupidly failed to keep archives of all my hatchback.net site designs, but above is a screenshot from archive.org of a May 2002 iteration of what once served as my personal site.

The original NYMBL predated the All Media Bowling League by a good four years. At the height of its powers, NYMBL boasted six member teams—Martha Stewart Living, Jane magazine (RIP), Bon Appétit, Blender, Us Weekly, and YM (RIP). Continue reading “The original New York Media Bowling League”