Lazer Dancer Guy on the NYC R Train Subway Last Night

Saw This on the R Train Last Night, originally uploaded by Adam "Slice" Kuban.

I heard this guy before I saw him last night as I boarded the R train at Pacific Street. He marched down the car, stiffly, robotically, with an old-school boombox, which he put on the floor near the front of the train. He then started to do warm-up exercises before doing a weird dance.

He was wearing a T-shirt that said “Lazer 1” on the back (yes, misspelled, if memory serves), along with animal-print tights and, I think, sweatbands.

At one point, the music segued into Kenny Loggins’s “Highway to the Danger Zone” just as the train made a stop, and then he did a funny move—running comically out of the train and then back in before the doors closed. A dangerous move, as he ran the risk of getting shut out and losing his boombox.

Passenger reaction went from perplexed to amused pretty quickly, and the girl who got up went down there to take some cameraphone pictures of him, which you’ll see her doing at the end of the video just before the doors close on the show.