Where I was on 9/11

Jake Dobkin asked on Twitter: Where were you? Because I wanted to elaborate on my 140-word answer, I’ll give a little more.

I was on the R train from Bay Ridge, heading in to work at Martha Stewart Living. I was already late—I realized last-minute that I had to iron my pants before leaving.

Everything seemed normal until we pulled into 36th Street, an express-train transfer point, and there was the most unbelieveable crush of people on the platform. I had never seen a platform that full and haven’t to this day.

As many people as could fit transferred into the R train. I normally would have switched to the D train, but figured it wiser to stay in my seat.

“What’s going on?” some people asked the newcomers.

“There’s a fire at the Trade Center. They’re diverting trains.”

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New Twitter account

I started Twittering as username “Slice” back in early 2007. (I try to grab the username “Slice” on whatever new social-networking crap looks like it’s going to be popular.) I started Slice, the blog, in late 2003. It consumed a fair amount of my nonworking life (and, yes, some of my work life, too — … Continue reading New Twitter account

Noooooo! Voiceover master Don LaFontaine dies

In a world where Don LaFontaine no longer lives, our moviegoing experience is a little poorer. The voiceover master died this morning due to complications from a collapsed lung. Says the Hollywood Reporter: Before his death, he had provided voiceovers for an estimated 5,000 movie trailers, including “Batman Returns,” “The Terminator,” “Cast Away,” “The Elephant … Continue reading Noooooo! Voiceover master Don LaFontaine dies